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What sets us apart is our experience, contact base, and track record of success. Our founder has over 20 years experience managing sales organizations, driving channel sales, and setting up channel programs within fortune 500, small-cap, and start-up organizations.

channel-360 Testimonials

acquired by Barracuda Networks

"Brad Burkle of channel-360 acted as our VP Channels & Alliances from shortly after we started shipping the service until our acquisition by Barracuda Networks one year later. Brad connected us with strategic OEM opportunities, gained immediate interest and signed agreements from the most respected security VARs in North America, and recruited prominent MSSPs to sell our service. Normally you would need a critical mass of sales activity before making such strong gains from the channel but Brad was able to deliver results immediately. And all this working part time! Brad is a get-it-done kind of guy, has great relationships, and he meshed extremely well with our team. I personally enjoyed working with Brad, recommend him highly, and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the near future."

Michael Van Bruinisse

Purewire Web Security Service secures users from malicious People, Places & Things on the Web™. Advances in social networking like Facebook, web applications like Twitter, and commerce sites like Craigslist and eBay present new security challenges to protect users from where they are going, what they are downloading and from anyone malicious or fraudulent with whom they are interacting online. Purewire's SaaS-based secure Web gateway protects users from malware, phishing, identity theft, and other harmful activity online - in effect, providing a pure wire to the Internet.


"Voltage first engaged with Brad Burkle of channel-360 in fall of 2007, intent on establishing a stronger channel presence to compliment our direct and OEM sales success. channel-360 worked with management and key sales personnel to define our channel program lifecycle, from identifying our target partner profiles, to creating the channel program and rules of engagement, through to recruitment of key partners, hiring and managing the channel sales staff, and managing the sales forecast. After a year of engagement, channel-360 has transitioned to help groom internal Voltage staff to lead the program into the future.

Brad's approach, experience and professionalism makes him very effective. He has done a terrific job for us and I would highly recommend him."

Sathvik Krishnamurthy
President and CEO
Voltage Security, Inc.

Voltage Security, Inc., an enterprise security company, is the global leader in information encryption. Voltage solutions, based on next generation cryptography, provide encryption that just works for protecting valuable, regulated and sensitive information persistently and based on policy.


"Brad started working with HyBlue on November 7, 2006 and by December 1, 2006 built a prospecting script that improved our qualification process substantially. Our first line prospecting improved from 10% qualified to 90% qualified overnight. He has continued to improve our entire sales process with similar results.

Brad provided more value in less time than any sales and marketing person I have worked with in the last 30 years."

Matthew Sutton
HyBlue, Inc.

HyBlue is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) that helps manage the increasing complexities of IT Security. They are smart energetic people who believe that computer users and the IT professionals who support them deserve better from technology. They have lived the frustrations of infected laptops, crashed servers, and generally cranky systems ourselves so they are committed to working with businesses and solution providers to solve their real problems. Their team's primary goal is making your systems work more reliably at a price that is affordable. HyBlue is a privately-held company based in Seattle, WA.


"Having sold via channels throughout my career, channel-360 had something to prove when we brought them on board. At Netcordia, we wanted our partners to have the same positive "WOW" experience our customers do when using our product, and we hired channel-360 to help increase partners productivity through enhanced channel messaging and reduced time to market. Channel-360 quickly helped us identify where to focus our energies, and with renewed programs we saw immediate results within our channel and an air of excitement around our products that continues to grow. Channel-360 exceeded all our expectations, and I recommend them highly."

Jon Bierman
Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Operations and Customer Support

Netcordia enables organizations to maximize network effectiveness and ensure compliance by utilizing built-in expert rules to assess, audit, and proactively detect hidden and harmful problems throughout any multi-vendor infrastructure. Clients include several Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, and the United States Army.


Channel-360 did an outstanding job kick-starting our channel activities. When we launched our first project with Channel-360, we were selling our products 100% direct. Within a couple of quarters, over 30% of our business was being identified by the channel partners signed by Channel-360. Our channel program continues to grow and now represents an even higher percentage of revenue. Channel-360 is great at handling the strategy and the tactics of setting up a new channel.

Rob Meinhardt

KACE, a privately-held technology company, is the leader in IT automation appliances. Its KBOX product line delivers easy-to-use, comprehensive IT automation appliances that are affordable and really work. Its mission is simply to deliver the highest-quality hardware and software combinations (appliances) in tandem with the most responsive levels of customer service to provide the greatest value per IT dollar spent.

Intelligent Connections

I've worked with both John Ferguson and Brad Burkle in various channel roles over the last six years. The amount of REAL technology channel experience and expertise that these two professionals bring to the table is second to none. They've held various sales and channel roles over their careers so they really do have a 360 degree view of the world. This knowledge and insight brings instant value to their partners/customers which ultimately results into profitable business! channel-360 is a revolutionary concept that the technology world has been waiting for with a proven track record of real world results. The proof is in the profits, and these guys are the real deal. If you are serious about building a world class channel, channel-360 is a great investment.

Brian Haboush
COO and Partner
Intelligent Connections LLC

Established in 1996, Intelligent Connections remains to be one of the nations leading network security solutions provider. Today, Intelligent Connections specializes in Security Consulting, Product Deployment & Integration, Managed Support Services, and Certified Training.

St. Bernard Software

"At St. Bernard Software, I was given 2 months to develop the complete comprehensive re-work of the channel plan, program and strategy. I hired channel-360 because of their extensive experience in developing working channel programs. With their help we re-developed our channel program that has given us a competitive edge. channel-360 brought a proven success formula for channel development that identified our Value Proposition and target focus. From the reseller feedback they gained, we were able to have the program highlight our strengths, minimize our weaknesses and provide an understanding about our target VAR's. I could not have achieved the results I did without the help of channel-360, and am now confident in the direction we are going. Many thanks to channel-360."

Craig Smith
Director of Channel Sales
St. Bernard Software.

St. Bernard Software, Inc. is a global provider of security solutions that protect against data loss, system threats, Internet abuse and unsolicited email. Through its products and services, St. Bernard Software helps companies protect their bottom line by securing networks against major risks before they happen.

(acquired by Microsoft Corporation)
FrontBridge Technologies

“While at FrontBridge, Brad Burkle developed our channel program, staffed the team, developed a target list of the top security VARs in North America and then went on to sign them up. He then went on to successfully launch our partner program in EMEA. Brad did a tremendous job in getting our program launched and gaining interest from the most respected security VARs in North America and EMEA.”

Steve Jillings
FrontBridge Technologies, Inc.

FrontBridge Technologies delivers award-winning managed services that ensure the security, compliance, and continuity of an increasingly complex corporate messaging infrastructure. Its comprehensive set of Total Message Management services mitigate regulatory compliance and legal discovery risk; secure against internal and external messaging threats; and, preserve the reliability, productivity and continuity of email during emergency situations.


“At Stack3 we wanted to understand the channel impact on different product delivery alternatives. We also needed to learn how to get past the technology adoption process and start establishing channel relationships quickly. channel-360 helped us understand what VARs to focus on and how to get them involved during initial tests. Getting the channel involved so early will be a huge competitive advantage for us, and we have channel-360 to thank.”

Paul Tocatlian
Stack3, Inc.

Based in San Jose, California, Stack3, Inc. is the first company to offer secure convergence solutions to smaller enterprises. We specialize in delivering infrastructure simplicity to companies that are looking to deploy enterprise-grade security and voice solutions on an SMB budget.

Anitian Enterprise Security

"Among the dozens of anti-spam companies wanting to partner with us, the program Brad Burkle put together while at FrontBridge was the obvious pick. The program was perfect; clear value, no hidden costs, and he made it easy for us to work with them and jumpstart activity. I was amazed how fast our sales ramped. We generated and closed a lot of business for FrontBridge."

Michael W. Breamer
National Sales Director
Anitian Enterprise Security

Anitian Enterprise Security is a nationally recognized leader in information security and network infrastructure solutions. Our team of experts has helped design and implement some of the nation's most secure networks and computer systems. Anitian's rational, scientific methods combined with our extensive network of technology partners provide the insight and intelligence our clients need to make informed decisions about corporate governance and network security. Anitian's services fall into three major categories: Audit & Assessment, Remediation & Optimization, and Management & Monitoring.

Intel Corporation

“At Intel Corporation, Brad Burkle consistently met or exceeded sales expectations through the sales teams he managed. Brad had a particular talent for utilizing channels to drive sales of branded Intel products. Brad managed sales teams that sold networking hardware, enterprise software, video collaboration products, and Internet appliances over a 10-year period. Throughout these assignments, Brad was able to quickly gain interest, establish trust, provide coaching, and exceed sales results through his channels. Brad’s success through channels was the reason for his consistent record of over-performance at Intel.”

Larry Karagheusian
Former National Sales Manager, Reseller Channel Operation, Intel Corporation.
Currently Executive Vice President, GBH Communications, Inc.

For over 35 years, Intel Corporation has developed technology enabling the computer and Internet revolution that has changed the world. Today, Intel supplies the computing and communications industries with chips, boards, systems, and software building blocks that are the "ingredients" of computers, servers and networking and communications products.

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