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Quick Start services for funded start-ups

Companies that have received first round venture funding are under pressure to ramp sales quickly. Their technology and management team have led them to where they are today. Now they are faced with the challenge of establishing sales momentum within a limited market window.

Channels selling into their target customer base can help them, but require seasoned resources with existing relationships to make an impact. Funded start-ups cannot afford to pick the wrong resource; the market window will close and they will not be provided the luxury of a second chance.

channel-360 delivers the fastest speed available to revenue for funded start-ups, through rapid development of a scalable partner program based on a compelling channel value proposition. More...

Advantage services for mid-sized performers

Mid-sized companies (100-500 employees) operating in the channel typically have staffed channel programs under constant pressure to produce quarterly sales growth. When channel sales flatten or decline it signals the onset of problems that have already occurred. Unchecked, these problems lead to sales momentum loss and deepening resentment toward the channel. Internal channel staff may lack the resources, experience, or tools to make appropriate changes quickly.

channel-360 provides a plan for companies to quickly reestablish competitive advantage in the channel. In addition, channel-360 can work with your internal staff to help implement your new plan, provide coaching for sales or channel development personnel, explore new areas of channel focus, recruit partners, understand how to best target new product launches in the channel, and assist in driving sales results. channel-360 can provide guidance to ensure sales results continue to stay on track in the future. More...
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